Nothing is Sacred

return of the living deadI know. You believe that you can tell what’s sacred no what’s not, and you’re willing to stand by what’s sacred, to protect it from infidels.


Most people don’t agree with you. Even most people of your own religion think that some of the things you hold as sacred are actually mundane, or even distractions from what’s truly sacred – something that you just don’t understand.

Are you going to convince them that they are wrong? Good luck. That approach has been tried for tens of thousands of years, and it hasn’t produced unanimous belief for humanity yet.

Nothing is sacred – or, at least, nothing is sacred for everybody.

So, there are some ideas, or images, or places that you believe to be exceptionally holy. You think that they ought to be beyond criticism, beyond satire, beyond the irreverent touch of an infidel.

That’s your religion. you can follow it if you want to. Other people don’t.