krishna and nuns having sex

The 12 Days Of Blasphemy

Why offer one blasphemy at a time, when the Christmas carols come on in a constant, and often overlapping onslaught? This satire of the 12 Days Of Christmas offers the 12 Blasphemies of Christmas: On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Jesus soaked in pee, nuns having sex, Krishna drinking […]

kermit the frog the blasphemer

Blasphemy Laws Kill The Rainbow Connection

Anti-blasphemy laws don’t just kill new ideas. They kill dreams. Killing dreams is explicitly what the anti-blasphemy laws of the Holy Bible are intended to do. The book of Deuteronomy, chapter 13, commands: “If a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder, and if […]

little angel shooting up into heaven

An Angel Shooting Up Higher Into Heaven

One of the most absurd claims of Christianity is that their religion is so awesome that all we should ever want is to simply have the joy of knowing how good and true Christianity is. The Christian ideal for the afterlife is that we all will be allowed the privilege of singing praise to the […]

baby jesus

If Jesus Is Always With You…

This blasphemy comes from Ask Asshole Jesus on Tumblr. Jesus says to his girlfriend, wearing a UCLA sweatshirt, “Put the book down and let’s get started on a baby Jesus.” “I said NO,” she responds. “You’re making baby Jesus cry.” “Just fuck off.” The point seems to be that, if Jesus is always with you, […]

john adams on blasphemy

President John Adams, About Blasphemy Laws

American theocrats are fond of talking about how the Founding Fathers intended for the United States to be a Christian nation. A look at the actual historical record reveals exactly the opposite. Most of the founding politicians of the USA were deeply opposed to laws prohibiting blasphemy. Among them was John Adams. He wrote, in […]

all great truths begin as blasphemies

All Great Truths Begin As Blasphemies

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw defined education as “A succession of eye-openers each involving the repudiation of some previously held belief.” From his perspective, for an individual to learn, it isn’t enough to merely stack new knowledge on top of old knowledge, because new information can destroy old ideas that had been constructed with incomplete […]

ben carson blasphemy

Ben Carson’s Christian Heritage Of America: Death For Free Speech

The first significant Republican presidential campaign of the 2016 season has emerged under the banner of former doctor and political commentator Ben Carson. Carson has gained attention for himself by advocating a stronger Christian dominion over the U.S. federal government. Speaking recently to televangelist Pat Robertson, Carson said, “returning to our Judeo-Christian values can make […]

Anthony bimba

The Blasphemy Of Anthony Bimba

One January 26, 1926, Anthony Bimba gave a speech in Brockton, Massachusetts. Afterwards, he was placed under arrest as a criminal. Why? Bimba was accused of the crime of blasphemy. An American anti-blasphemy law made it a crime to contradict Christian beliefs, and Bimba was accused of telling a crowd during his speech that, “People […]

Krishna and Arjuna drink coca cola

Why Krishna And Arjuna Drink A Coke Here

The image you see below was ¬†created for a local mythological discussion group for the purpose of stimulating a conversation about perceptions of a boundary that separates sacred icons and mundane images. It wasn’t, as many have supposed, an advertisement developed by Coca-Cola. It wasn’t designed as an attack against Hinduism, or any religion. It […]