An Angel Shooting Up Higher Into Heaven

little angel shooting up into heavenOne of the most absurd claims of Christianity is that their religion is so awesome that all we should ever want is to simply have the joy of knowing how good and true Christianity is. The Christian ideal for the afterlife is that we all will be allowed the privilege of singing praise to the Christian god forever and ever, without ceasing.

Imagine if a person tried to lay this line on you: “If you’re nice enough to me, then I’ll let you hang around me and adore me for as long as you like.” It’s an astonishing arrogance, one that is mocked by this blasphemous satire of a famous painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

The painting is supposed to be of Cupid, but it has often been used to represent a Christian angel, which is supposed to be exist with the everlasting purpose of adoring and serving God.

Yet, this little angel is ungrateful enough to need more. Praising the boss isn’t enough. Being an immortal sycophant has stopped giving him any kicks. So, now he’s shooting up heroin to get what God isn’t able to provide.

How dare any of us seek any pleasure that is separate from that which is authorized by religious leaders? Watch us.