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Journalist To Be Killed By Mauritania For Blasphemy

The country of Mauritania is preparing to kill a man for the crime of blasphemy. The victim of the nation’s religious laws, a journalist named Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed, had written an article decrying an oppressive social system that has created a permanent underclass. In the course of his article, he questioned the wisdom of […]

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Against Intimidation = For Blasphemy

Professor Heiner Bielefeldt, a Catholic, had this testimony to offer in regard to the attempt by Irish conservatives to preserve and extend their country’s prohibition of blasphemy: “There is a growing consensus within the human rights community that we have to move away from anti-blasphemy laws which, as countless examples demonstrate, generally have intimidating effects […]

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The Blasphemer’s Creed

The writer at Holy Blasphemy proposes a new kind of religion – one that is built upon a foundation of blasphemy, rather than a rejection of blasphemy. The site asserts that “blasphemy is a profoundly moral act”. In support of this vision, Holy Blasphemy offers a Blasphemer’s Creed: “1. I believe in each individual’s right […]