If Jesus Is Always With You…

This blasphemy comes from Ask Asshole Jesus on Tumblr.

Jesus says to his girlfriend, wearing a UCLA sweatshirt, “Put the book down and let’s get started on a baby Jesus.”

“I said NO,” she responds.

“You’re making baby Jesus cry.”

“Just fuck off.”

The point seems to be that, if Jesus is always with you, he’s kind of a stalker, like a creepy clingy boyfriend.

This quick bit of blasphemy reminds us that, many times, blasphemy results when non-believers listen to what religious people say about what they believe, and then try to reconcile that to the reality that we see around us.

If Jesus is a man who loves you, who can always simply appear at any time, and demands complete loyalty, it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine the scenario we see here.

So, what makes the blasphemy offensive to believers? If a Christian presented this scenario themselves, would anyone object? If the offense in blasphemy simply that it takes belief a step farther than believers themselves are willing to go?

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