Vous N’etes Pas Charlie

“Je Suis Charlie”. So says the popular social media meme in response to the murder of a dozen people by Muslims in France who were furious about the publication of blasphemous cartoons of Mohammed by the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Let’s be frank, though. You’re not Charlie Hebdo. You’re alive. The people at Charlie Hebdo are dead. Charlie Hebdo was loudly and proudly blasphemous. Are you?

blasphemy boyNo, not just against Muslims and their violent ways, but against Christians and their violent ways, too. Will you blaspheme against violent religious injustice wherever you find it? If not, please don’t say that you’re Charlie Hebdo.

Tom the Dancing Bug reminds us that, when religious believers kill as punishment for free speech, they only show how necessary free speech is, and how little religion can be trusted as a source of morality. In the battle of superpowers, Blasphemy Boy always defeats God Man. The more religious people kill in the name of God, the more we will blaspheme against this worthless deity.

Christians, by the way, don’t get off free in this deal. While Muslims killed 12 people in Paris, a United Nations report came out showing how Christians have been slaughtering thousands of Muslims in ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic.